2 Nov 2022

Cuba breaks my heart more every day

Cuba breaks my heart. I want to help. Do you?

I don't usually use images that are not my own but this one grabbed my heart and squeezed. It seems so emblematic of Cuba right now. The people are struggling. They need support more than ever.

In February, I took about 100 lbs. of "humanitarian aid" to people in a rural, remote part of the country, as you may already know. This aid was made possible by friends and family members (you know who you are!) who responded to an appeal I put out prior to that trip. Your support gave my heart wings! And, it allowed me to lift the spirits of many people.

I have a strong connection with the southern part of the Granma province, particularly to families in Marea del Portillo, Mota, Pilón and Niquero. Many folks there h
ave been out of work since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, since much of that region's employment is tourism based. So, that's where I've been directing my assistance.

On May 17, I plan to return there with another load of medical/health supplies, but I need your support. Medicine-cabinet items like children's cough syrup, pain pills, anti-inflammatory aids, arthritis rubs, antibiotic creams, etc. are expensive! In Cuba, however, they are both extremely expensive and hard to find. If your kid has a cough and you have a headache you often just have to ride it out.

During my February/March visit, I saw first-hand how difficult daily life has become. The gifts I took were very much appreciated by the families who received them, and I'm confident they will share with others in need. My friends are that kind of people. They will be helping me to distribute whatever I can manage to take in May.

I want to take as much as possible to help the long-suffering people of Cuba. Although I generally try to avoid political commentary, I will say this: The government of Cuba has made some choices I do not agree with; people are often not able to make their own choices but must live with the consequences nonetheless.

I don't expect to change the world. I'm not trying to do so. But, if I'm able to make a difference in a few lives, I'm going to do it! I hope you are with me in spirit. If you also feel able to support me monetarily in this endeavor, I would greatly appreciate it.
You can contribute via e-transfer to jennicacuba@gmail.com (in Canada) or through PayPal (if you don't have your own account, I can send you a "request" that allows you to use a credit card).

I hate to ask for money but, quite frankly, my budget is already being stretched quite a bit for this trip. However, I feel it is important to take more humanitarian aid while I can – and while the Cuban government is offering a duty-free exemption for suitcases filled with health/medical supplies. The deadline for this tax waiver is fast approaching, which factored into the trip's timing. I'm following my heart to Cuba.

If it is in your heart to assist me, I will be very appreciative, as will the Cuban people I'll be able to help. If you don't feel comfortable donating money, you can be supportive by sending good vibes!

XO ~ Jenny



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