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Want to join a JennicaCuba group or travel on your own?

I've been exploring Cuba since 2009 and, under the banner of "JennicaCuba," began leading groups to this intriguing island in 2010. Initially, these trips were fairly informal but, when I decided it was time to be more professional, I became a licensed travel agent. 

I then chose to work with P&G Travel (as a home-based associate), since they have offices in both Toronto and Havana. Through this affiliation, I'm able to offer a broader range of services, including travel insurance packages for emergency medical care and trip interruption/cancellation.

At first, I mainly organized trips to Club Amigo Marea del Portillo, a charming little resort along Cuba's southern coast. Over the years, I gradually expanded what I do. Now, I also lead group tours throughout the island, as well as providing travel services for individuals or families visiting Cuba or other countries. 

I have continued to lead annual group trips to lovely Marea del Portillo and have developed many connections with people in this relatively rural area. Because of these links, I can organize special activities and provide unique, down-to-earth cultural experiences for my groups. With the support of my P&G colleagues, I can also offer customized travel all over Cuba and elsewhere. 

"Travel with heart" is my motto for numerous reasons. I think travel can expand your heart, people you encounter and places you explore can warm your heart, and memories of a trip should stay in your heart. Marea del Portillo, Cuba, hooked my heart and that changed my life in many ways! Becoming a travel agent was just one of them.

You're invited to join me on a JennicaCuba group trip, or to let me help you plan and arrange your own travel experience! Where do you want to go?


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