19 May 2013

April 4 Zumba trip review & photos

At long last, I've added a new post to my "Cubana de Corazon" blog:  BEWARE: Marea del Portillo is highly addictive! It's a review that now appears on TripAdvisor.ca, along with a small selection of photos. I've posted some different photos here, so be sure to visit both sites to see all of them!

Zumba with Amarilis at the resort.
These photos were taken during the April 4 Zumba group trip to Club Amigo Marea del Portillo, Cuba. My friend Amarilis Rivero Garcia, who now lives in the Peterborough (Ontario) area, led Zumba lessons at the resort. And, since she used to live in the town of Pilón, next door to the resort, she was able to arrange a demonstration there. The visiting Canadians strutted their Zumba stuff and the young dancers from the community joined in, as well as showing off their own dancing talents.

On every trip I lead to Marea del Portillo, I do my best to arrange or encourage interaction with the local people. Amarilis facilitated this in a wonderful way in April, through this dance/Zumba demo in Pilón's central park and by inviting the whole tour group to her mother's house for a delightful and delicious pig roast and seafood feast – nobody went home hungry! It was a truly memorable experience.

Here are a few photos from our day in Pilón....

Some lovely young dance students performed  for us!
They knew all the funky moves!
This duo danced beautifully together.
Amarilis led Zumba in the central park in Pilón, Cuba.
Local dancers joined in to try their feet at Zumba.
Preparing to serve the roasted pig.
Saying farewell to Amarilis' family and friends.
Beautiful end to another lovely day in Cuba!