17 Jun 2021

Are you getting ready to travel yet?


Wishing to travel? Here's something to read...

I'm delighted to announce that my second novel is finally in print! If you liked Cuban Kisses, you'll love Cuban Wishes – and I'm not saying that simply as a promotional hook. If authors are like parents, we're not supposed to have favorite "offspring," but I can't help feeling partial to the sequel.

Cuban Wishes is my big, fat baby. It's significantly larger than the first book (120 more pages!) and the story is more complex. Although it would still be considered an adventure-romance novel, there's also some murder and mayhem, a few mysterious happenings and, of course, more information about Cuban culture and history. It continues the protagonist's journey of self discovery as she faces new challenges and ethical dilemmas in both Cuba and Canada. If you want to be transported to my beloved island via my novels, you can order them by clicking here. The publisher, Ripple Press, will ship books anywhere in Canada, the U.S. or wherever.

Also, if you want to hear me talking about my books, you can tune in Saturday, July 10, to Chat & Spin Radio. I'm scheduled to be interviewed "live" on this Internet station at 12 noon,
Eastern Standard (Daylight Savings) Time. You can click here to listen in. During my interview with them last month, there were a few technical difficulties, so I hope everything goes smoothly this time!

UPDATE: The July 10 interview on Chat & Spin Radio had to be rescheduled. I'll let you know the new date when I have it – likely some time in August.

I'm always happy to talk about Cuba, as well as write and read about it, but I'll be even happier when I can travel there again! Although the country is gradually reopening to tourism, it's difficult to know what to advise. Some people are beginning to book trips; others prefer to wait. I've decided to wait until the new year to organize a group trip and, for now, my JennicaCuba travel business is still on hiatus.

However, if you want to travel without my personal assistance, my colleagues at P&G Travel will be glad to help with any booking, going anywhere. For those of you who have credit vouchers from Sunwing due to the April 2020 trip cancellation, you don't have to wait for my next group trip to use them! My friends at P&G can assist you with using the vouchers to travel anywhere that Sunwing currently offers travel packages. In fact, if you want to use a Sunwing voucher from that trip, you will need to go through this agency to book a trip; that's just how the system works.

Virgil Palermo, owner of P&G Travel, is aware that some of my clients may want to use their vouchers for bookings before I'm back in business. He advised me that people should contact him directly by email: virgil@pgtravel.ca. He or one of his associates will adeptly assist you with any booking! They're fully up to date regarding COVID insurance and other travel concerns. Here's a link to their website.

Until we can travel together, I wish you happy trails wherever you may go!
Keep smiling, Jenny