21 Mar 2016

Cuban Easter flowers & a travel update

History is being made in Havana this week

As I write this, Barack Obama and Raul Castro are probably having lunch. Judging by the photos and videos I've seen this morning, it's a drizzly day in Havana. Here in Muskoka, it's snowy. I'd rather be in Cuba, even if it's rainy! 

One of my American pals called me this morning to chat about her upcoming trip to Cuba. She's flying to Havana from Miami on Thursday, just in time for the Rolling Stones concert! I am undeniably jealous. In a few weeks, though, I'll be flying to Cuba too, fleeing the dregs of winter. (Snow is in the forecast here right through the end of March, and there are still mounds of it in the yard.) 

If you want to join my April 20-27 group, you can still do so up until April 11... as long as there are still seats on the plane, that is! Obama and the Stones won't be hanging out in Cuba by that time but we will meet other interesting people and hear some great music. And, we'll be in one of the most beautiful parts of the island, where the Cuban Revolution has its deepest roots. 

However, if the April trip doesn't work for you, maybe another one will. I plan to continue taking groups to my favorite little resort, Club Amigo Marea del Portillo, twice annually - usually after Easter and in late October. As well, I am working on bus tours that will begin in Havana and travel throughout Cuba. I'll let you know more details as they evolve. 

Meanwhile, have a lovely Easter and, if you use Facebook, please check out (and join) my "JennicaCuba" group, where I'll post some selected images, videos and stories about this incredible time in Cuba's evolution. 

Hasta luego,