11 Nov 2021

What's up with Cuba... & Jenny's CUBAN KISSES novel series?


Here's an update about Cuba, me & my novels

Hola! I recently sent out an email (below the line) to people who'd purchased one or both of my novels, just to let them know the current status. But, I would be remiss if I did not check in with my JennicaCuba travel friends too. So, I'll give you a quick update on Cuba: it's gradually opening up!  They are madly vaccinating the populace and, as of Nov. 15, will begin welcoming more tourists with fewer COVID-related restrictions. I will send more information about what's going on there soon. For now, please peruse the text below about my novels and keep Cuba in your hearts!


This is the synopsis of what's been going on during the past few months, regarding me and my writing. As some of you may know, the Ripple Press Publishing Corp. decided to close, primarily blaming COVID. I ended up buying the remaining physical copies of my novels, both Cuban Kisses and Cuban Wishes, which I'm now selling on my own under the banner of "Jenny Loves Words" (website coming soon). A new publisher is being sought. Hopefully, the third novel in the trilogy, Cuban Missus, will be available in the first half of the new year – it's written, edited and ready to go! In fact, the photo above is the one I have in mind as a cover image.

Meanwhile, you can purchase both Cuban Kisses and Cuban Wishes from me directly, or from a growing list of stores that now carry both books – mainly in the Muskoka area at this point. As well, if you are in Huntsville during the latter part of November, you are hereby invited to stop by the 2nd Annual Winter Art Market to pick up a signed copy! I'll be at the show intermittently and, if you're there when I am, I'll be happy to provide a personalized inscription.

The Winter Art Market is being presented by Muskoka Unlimited, in conjunction with the Huntsville Festival of the Arts, at the HFA studio, 58 Main St. East, Unit 2 (the entrance is at the rear of the building, across from Huntsville's River Mill Park, near the town docks). The show will take place on three consecutive weekends, Nov. 12-14 (Fri./Sat./Sun.), Nov. 18-21 & Nov. 25-28 (Thurs./Fri./Sat./Sun.). The hours are 2-6 p.m. on Thursdays & Fridays, noon-6 p.m. on Saturdays & Sundays.

If you can't make it to Muskoka, you're welcome to contact me via Facebook or email (jennyloveswords@gmail.com). I can mail copies to you and, if you order in the next few weeks, they should arrive in time for Christmas! Payments can be made through PayPal or, for Canadians, by e-transfer. If you buy both at the same time, the price is $40. Autonomously, Cuban Kisses is $20 and Cuban Wishes is $25 (it's bigger!). Shipping costs vary according to where the books are being sent but, in most cases, Canada Post fees seem to be around $20 for the set. That's all in Canadian funds, of course!

I hope to see you, if you're in the Huntsville area in the coming weeks. If we don't cross paths here, perhaps we will in a more southerly location, such as Cuba, southern Ontario or Scottdale, PA! 

~ XO Jenny