31 Dec 2023

Here's to a bright and beautiful 2024!

Good morning Cubita bella! This is one of numerous lovely sunrises I saw from my room on the 4th floor of the Farallón del Caribe Hotel (part of the Marea del Portillo resort complex) when I was there Dec. 6-20, 2023. It was great to finally be back at my "second home," along with my 28-person group! 
I've been working on my trip report – sorting photos and thoughts – but I won't likely be able to send it out until next year! In other words, I hope to finish it tomorrow. Before posting it here, I will send it out to my JennicaCuba email list. If you want to have it delivered to your inbox when it's hot off the presses, so to speak, you can sign up under the "Contact" tab.
Cheery cheers!

28 Dec 2023

Please stand by for my trip report

FULL CUBA TRIP REPORT COMING SOON! Meanwhile, here's a teaser...

To everyone who signed my petition to reopen Club Amigo Marea del Portillo and booked trips beginning on Dec. 6: WE DID IT!!! The resort opened with great fanfare and made the national news in Cuba. The legacy of Celia Sánchez continues; she's the one who advised Fidel Castro that a hotel should be located on the uniquely beautiful Marea del Portillo bay, where she loved to fish when she lived in Pilón. The resort quickly became a key employer in the region and, now, it is once again. Returning staff and new people are happy to be able to work, and that makes me happy too.
In my observation during my Dec. 6-20 stay, everyone at the resort worked very hard to provide a wonderful holiday experience for their guests. The Farallón hotel was absolutely gorgeous and the Marea section is coming along nicely. During the first week, Marea hotel rooms were being used as soon as they were ready for occupancy. Renovation and construction continues on some things but, most importantly, the resort is finally operating, for the first season since early 2020.
Yes, they had plenty of food but, also yes, they temporarily ran out of some things on occasion. There are supply chain issues all over Cuba. During my December visit, a few items came and went but I never left the table hungry. The baker and pastry chef at the Farallón must be particularly commended for all the excellent, tempting creations!
I will provide a more comprehensive trip report soon. This report will include information about what plans are afoot at the resort for the remainder of the season and beyond. First, as always, my JennicaCuba updates will go to only those on my email list. If you want to sign up for that, please visit my website's "Contact" page. http://www.jennicacuba.com/p/activities.html
While you wait, please enjoy the sunrise from my bedroom window on the 4th floor of the Farallón hotel. 
~ Jenny

May be an image of twilight and horizon