15 Jun 2019

Limited space for TWO October trips!

Booking a trip to Cuba can be a crazy ride!

As many of you know, I organize an annual group trip (sometimes two!) to Club Amigo Marea del Portillo, a small resort along the southern sole of Cuba. This year, I ended up booking a pair of groups, back to back; the Oct. 23 prices were better but some people preferred to go on the 30th. I'm perfectly happy to hang out at the resort for more than one week, so offering two separate trips is fine with me – I'll stay and wait for the second group to arrive!

However, things got a bit complicated. Sunwing was slow in providing some of the prices I needed and, by the time they did, the deadline for a special offer was the very next day! So, I quickly began calling my "repeaters," particularly those who usually go with me in October. It was a bit of a challenge to get both groups booked on short notice, within days of each other, but I did it
– thanks to my loyal clients/friends.

Now that the dust has settled, so to speak, I can open the door to others who may wish to join either group. The prices are better for the Oct. 23 group but there are only a few spots left (new Sunwing regulations mean I can only have 30 people at the posted rates and I currently have 27). If you want to be put on a waiting list, in case I have cancellations, it will be on a first-come, first-served basis – please contact me by email (jennicacuba@gmail.com) for this. For the Oct. 30 group, I can add 10 people at the posted rates.

That's the story of my crazy booking adventure for October!
Ready to relax at the beach,

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