1 Apr 2019

New Santiago de Cuba tour will feature square dancing & fiddling!

I'm very pleased to announce an exclusive new JennicaCuba tour! 

Celebrated Canadian instructors Bill Russell and Anne Lederman will offer daily 
group sessions for folks in square dancing or playing music as part of a dance band. 
For those not participating in the dance/music sessions (spouses/partners, traveling 
companions), plenty of other optional activities and excursions will be available.

The group will fly out of Toronto's Pearson airport on Nov. 16 and, for most of the 
10-day trip, will be based in beautiful Santiago de Cuba. Founded in 1515, this is one 
of the island's seven oldest cities, its 2nd largest and one of my personal favorites!

I will be delighted to help you explore Santiago de Cuba and learn about the 
country's intriguing history and culture. Our newly renovated hotel will be about 
one block away from the iconic Parque Céspedes, the city's heart and soul. 

The first two pages below have the basic information about prices and other details. 
The third page is a booking form for you to complete, when you're ready to sign up.
You can contact me by email (jennicacuba@gmail.com), if you have any questions
or would prefer to book by phone. [Please note: I'll collect booking info and 
credit card data but will not process deposit payments or book flights until 
the minimum requisite number of people have registered for this trip.]

I'll be looking forward to hearing from you! ~ Jenny

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