9 Dec 2017

Special Christmas gift for a cook? Booking now: Cuban culinary trip!

"Cuban Culinary Experience" is one of three special activities planned for April 11 trip

We've got prices, details and deadlines for the April 11 trip to Club Amigo Marea del Portillo, Cuba... but only 10 days to book this group! Wouldn't a food-themed trip make a great Christmas gift for the chef in your life? Or, maybe you need to plan a warm, delicious holiday for yourself – something to help you get through the upcoming winter months. For more information about the Cuban culinary experience, please see the preceding post.

But wait, there's more! In addition to the cooking lessons and family-style feast in a Cuban home, we'll also have an art show and interactive music event in a nearby town and, of course, the always-popular group welcome dinner with live music by Robertico and friends. And, keep in mind that, although this is a group trip, it doesn't mean we have to do everything together; it just means you get a great price for the trip and have some interesting, optional activities as part of your exclusive JennicaCuba travel package.

I'll look forward to hearing from you!
~ Jenny

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