28 Sept 2017

Join Jenny & Andrew for a creative adventure in Cuba, Jan. 31-Feb. 7


Want to explore Cuba's creative landscape?

I'm calling this the "Creative Landscape" trip for several reasons. The landscape of Cuba can be very inspirational in many ways! It inspires some people to relax and let go of their usual stress. Others become more energetic and enjoy horse riding, hiking or swimming, as well as more creative physical activities such as dancing. Some folks find artistic inspiration here, and begin exploring creative outlets like drawing, painting or photography.

For me and many others, however, Cuba inspires creativity in the form of writing. Andrew Wagner-Chazalon will be the catalyst for getting writers' juices flowing during a series of workshops he'll be leading throughout the week. I encourage you to sign up for these sessions but, if you're not interested in writing, you're still invited to be a part of the larger group! The poster above shows pricing for the basic package; the workshops are an additional $280 that will be well worth it, if you know anything about Andrew. (If you don't know anything about him, read the bio below.)

If you're on this mailing list, then you probably know me – Jenny Cressman – as the creator and intrepid leader of JennicaCuba tours. Besides operating this small travel business that specializes in group trips to Cuba, I'm also a writer and editor. I recently finished the manuscript for a novel that is primarily set in a fictionalized version of the resort where we'll be staying on this trip. If you twist my arm (gently!) and ply me with rum, I may read a few excerpts.

Andrew Wagner-Chazalon has been a full-time professional writer for nearly three decades. He has written for newspapers and magazines in Canada, the U.S. and Australia, been a regular contributor to CBC Radio, written or contributed to half a dozen non-fiction books and a young adult novel, and much more. Like most writers, at any one time he has about nine thousand story ideas, fragments, half-written plays, travel blogs and character sketches in his files, awaiting the right moment. He is currently the editor and CEO of Dockside Publishing.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Feb. 8-15 "Literary Cuba" tour that Andrew and I were scheduled to lead in Havana has been postponed until 2019. A revised agenda and new prices will be announced later.

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