10 Feb 2013

We're invited to dinner at Agustin's!

I am very happy to announce that a pig roast is being planned for the April 2013 group! 

The idea has been in the works for some time but we needed an appropriate venue. The home had to be large enough to accommodate our gang and close enough to the resort that transportation wouldn't bee too difficult. This year, the pieces finally clicked into place, thanks to my pal Agustin. He and his wife Yadira have agreed to be our hosts! The details remain to be sorted out but I'm going to guess that Saturday evening will be a good time for this party.

I'll never forget the first time I met Agustin and Yadira, in October 2009. As the sun began sliding lower on the Western horizon, Wendy Oke – one of my three travelling companions on that trip – and I decided to go for a stroll along the beach. As we were walking, we saw a couple silhoutted in the distance, slowly coming towards us, hand in hand. We introduced ourselves and chatted a little. Agustin was carrying a burlap sack because they were going to get some food for his chickens, he explained in his simple English. Shy Yadira, who speaks only Spanish, smiled a lot – as she still does!

Both Wendy and I immediately had a good feeling about this couple and when, during another encounter, Agustin invited us for dinner at his house, we were glad to accept. As Agustin had proclaimed, Yadira is a very good cook. We had a lovely time and I have visited their home many times since. It seems perfectly fitting that one of my groups will now have the privilege of going to dinner there too! 

Agustin is a farmer but I don't know if the "guest of honor" at the roast will be one of his pigs or not. Maybe it's best not to know! Whenever I visit his home, I try to take a few photos of his ever-changing menagerie. The dogs and cats are constants but the other critters tend to come and go. 

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