5 Jan 2024

MZO return made the national news!

The return of flights from Canada to Manzanillo de Cuba on Dec. 6, 2023, made the national news in Cuba! 

Although the Sunwing flight from Toronto was supposed to arrive first, a delay in departure meant that the Montreal flight had that honor instead. Nonetheless, there was great fanfare for both planes at both the Sierra Maestra Airport and the Marea del Portillo resort complex. At the airport, we were greeted by numerous resort staff members and musicians, as well as dancers on stilts and otherwise. The return of tourists to the province was truly a joyful celebration!

Here are some Facebook posts by my friend Juanita Noryis Perdomo Larezada, a Cuban journalist, and a selection of the photos she shared. [NOTE: She posted in Spanish but the following is the English translation provided by Facebook. Although the grammar may not be perfect in the translation, I'm confident that Juanita's Spanish is impeccable.] 



December 6th, 2023. A lot of excitement is hosted at the Marea del Portillo Hotels & Resorts CUBA resort - Farallón and it's not for less. After four years of being "inactive," this charming tourist product from Cubanacan Hoteles is about to restart its operations.

The flight from Toronto should land at Sierra Maestra Airport in Manzanillo at about 2:35 pm, the passenger claimed on Facebook Jenny Cressman. According to her, the plane was delayed a bit, but they maintained the same joy of arriving at the resort that many Canadians consider their second home.

The longing for that magical setting is about to end, at least for the two flights out of Toronto and Montreal.

Huge happiness is also enjoyed by the workers of the complex, who return to their jobs, after a long wait. Congratulations also to Manzanillo airport managers and employees. Thank you, in addition, to Canada, for continuing to love Cuba, and especially to Lessner Gomez Cuba Tourism Advisor in Toronto.

Luck is thrown out. May this second half be better than the success of before 2019. Let quality be the best host.

If tourism wins, we all win, it's not mouth, it's common sense. Ministerio de Turismo de Cuba.




Tourism is back to Pilon. Canada arrived on the wings of Sunwing, the airline that brings the most vacationers to Cuba. This is a big event for a small village in the province of Granma. Tourism is life, livelihood, culture, tradition there. It's also the return of tourists who love Marea del Portillo Hotels & Resorts CUBA like their own family.

The joy is immense for workers, visitors and town. Tourism is oxygen for Pilón, and it is, also, encounter, hug. I share the happiness of the Tidal people... At last, tourism became a customer, hopefully forever. Ministerio de Turismo de Cuba Cubanacan Hoteles Nancy Virgen Estrada Milanes Lessner Gomez.


[Some photos were provided by Bayamo Radio.]




I recognize several people from the resort staff, even if only from the back! The tourists in these photos are probably from the Montreal flight. 

The Farallón del Caribe hotel looked glorious! Although I usually stay in the beach-level Marea section, it was nice to be so graciously accommodated in the Farallón for a change.


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