17 Aug 2021

Sad news from Cuba...


Some of you will remember meeting Ramón...

I first met Ramón Cisnero in 2013, when he was visiting Toronto with our mutual friend Felix Naranjo, who had arranged a show featuring Ramón’s paintings. At the time, I didn’t realize what a small sample of the artist’s vast array of work that was! I subsequently learned that he had created many of the wonderful sculptures I’d seen in Manzanillo de Cuba, along with numerous paintings that decorated the walls at Club Amigo Marea del Portillo y Farallón del Caribe. He was incredibly prolific and diverse in his artistic media and subject matter, although the importance of preserving historic architecture was often a theme in his work.
A few years after meeting Ramón, I had the pleasure of introducing this amazing artist to participants in several “Manzanillo Art Tour” excursions I organized with the help of Felix. Despite his well-earned acclaim, however, Ramón always retained a gentle, sincere humility. On Aug. 16, 2021, he succumbed to COVID-19, not long before his 53rd birthday. He will be sorely missed by his numerous friends and admirers in Cuba and beyond. His soft smile will live on in many memories, just as his exceptional body of work will provide a magnificent legacy. [You can find more photos in my Facebook albums or JennicaCuba group.]


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