4 Apr 2021

Easter greetings and a funny story!


Wishing you spring flowers & other happy things!

As you may be able to guess, the flowers in this photo were blooming in Cuba. I very much wish I could be there now, or could be planning my next trip. Unfortunately, it's still too early to set a date for a trip. I will most certainly let you know when I see a green light for safe travel...hopefully, that will be later this year.

Meanwhile, I just wanted to take this opportunity to send Easter greetings, as well as to offer you a little amusement. I've written a couple of short stories recently for some online contests and I think you'll find this one entertaining! The theme of the contest was "embarrassment."

I wrote about waitressing, which I did while attending university, although the incident itself is fictional. If anyone has ever eaten at the Stone Crock, I hope the scene I've described isn't familiar! I also hope it will make you laugh, at least a little.

Here's the link to my story, "World's Greatest Waitress."
Please read and, if you enjoyed it, give me a ❤️ at the end of the story.

XO Jenny

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