1 Jan 2020

Can you envision a 2020 trip?

Happy New Year! What's planned for 2020?

I have a plan... escape to "my second home" in Cuba, right after Easter!

You're invited to join me, of course. The poster below provides all the basic information, including the fast-approaching deadline to book (Jan. 12). As you will see, the best price is for two weeks' double accommodation in the Farallón Hotel's "Superior" rooms. That was a surprise to me! I can't explain it. Sunwing is a quirky company. 

If you're not tired of winter yet, won't you be by April? Give yourself a light at the end of the snowdrift and plan a trip to Cuba with me!

Meanwhile, I hope you have a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration, however you choose to mark the end of 2019.

Hasta luego,

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