28 Nov 2018

Just checking in...

Getting ready to roll in a Cuban truck-bus

When I lead tours to Cuba, I always try to offer unique activities, beyond the realm of ordinary tourism. During my most recent group trip to Club Amigo Marea del Portillo, my favorite little resort at the southern end of the island, I organized a pig roast party with live music in the nearby village of Mota. To transport the group there, we took the camión in the photo above. A truck that has been converted to a bus is a common form of transportation in Cuba, though most of them are not painted as beautifully as this one!

Museo el Carnaval
For the two-week tour of Cuba that I'll be leading in January, we'll be in a more modern vehicle. However, I'll still do my best to provide opportunities for cultural exploration and experiences that you wouldn't get on a standard packaged tour. On this upcoming tour, since the group is smaller, we'll be able to stay in casas particulares (Cuban B&Bs) for much of our trip, which should be quite interesting. I'm also excited about taking everyone to a small museum in Santiago that I checked out in November – the Carnival Musuem, where they have an interactive music/dance show. Every tour is different.

Looking ahead to my annual post-Easter group trip to Marea del Portillo, we may have another fiesta in Mota or we may try something new... stay tuned! I'm currently watching for good prices for that trip, which will likely depart from Toronto on April 24. I hope to be able to send out a notice about it before Christmas so, if you're looking for a special gift, keep Cuba in mind.

On that note, let me remind you that I can also put together customized trips for families and friends. If you want me to set up a trip to Marea del Portillo for your crew, for example, I need a minimum of 10 people in order to get a group rate at that resort. And, although I specialize in Cuba, I can book trips to other locations too. Well, that's enough verbiage for now.

Hasta luego,

Museo el Carnaval music & dance performance

Cuartel Moncada & Museo Histórico del 26 de Julio

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