14 Sept 2018

A few seats remain for Jan. 7-19 tour!

Is touring Cuba on your bucket list?

If taking a road trip through Cuba is something you've always wanted to do, please read on...

I will be leading a small group of people on a tour of Cuba at the beginning of next year, Jan. 7-19, and a few seats are still available. This is a great opportunity to see this beautiful country, meet its wonderful people and enjoy its vibrant culture while learning about Cuba's interesting and dynamic "revolutionary" history.

Did you know that Cuba was under Spanish rule for over 400 years? Columbus claimed it for Spain in 1492 and their colonization did not end until the culmination of the Spanish-American War in the late 1800s. Since it took place in Cuba, this revolution should really be called the Spanish-Cuban-American War. And, according to some sources, the influence of Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders at San Juan Hill may not have been as big as American history books suggest.

This war, however, was only one of many revolutions that took place in Cuba, as you will learn on my tour. It is truly a revolutionary country in many ways, and not all involve military endeavors! Cuba is revolutionary in its approach to education and medicine, among other things.

As noted on the poster, the  booking deadline is Oct. 7 and the final payment will be due a month later. Don't miss your chance to join me for a very up-close-and-personal introduction to Cuba!

Hasta pronto,

P.S. - For a detailed itinerary, scroll down or click here.

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