22 Jun 2016

Oct. 19 is the "Do-Little" Trip to Cuba

I think this trip is just what the doctor would recommend!

Just relax ... no excursions necessary!

Hey folks, I hope you'll join me for the most relaxing trip to Cuba that I've ever planned. The theme is "do little," so I'm not including any excursions or activities with this trip, other than our private group welcome dinner, with music by Robertico and friends, of course.

That's part of the reason why the price is so low - we're doing very little! As well, I got a great rate on cabana accommodation without the usual VIP upgrade, but the seats are truly limited for this deal. If you want the VIP package, I can add it when you book, or you can book it yourself when you get to the resort. Alternatively, you can pay per use for any activities you want to do, such as taking the Sunset Cruise or going to Cayo Blanco and having a lobster lunch. Here's a photo showing the resort's VIP fee and prices for these and other excursions; you can do the math yourself. This was taken in April 2016, so the prices should be pretty much the same.

f you want to stay longer than one week, I can arrange that too. I have to warn you, though, that the prices are higher for Oct. 26 and the weeks following. That's why I chose Oct. 19 for the group week this year. I hope you'll be able to join me for a lovely, relaxing stay in Cuba, at a very good price!
~ Jenny

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