27 Nov 2015

BYOG - Pick your own dates for an "Incomparable Cuba" group road trip!


After much consideration, I have decided to postpone the bus tour of "Incomparable Cuba" that was originally scheduled for Jan. 4-15, 2016. 

However, I am now able to offer a new option for this tour: BYOG. Yup, if you guessed that stands for Bring Your Own Group, you're correct. Round up a dozen of your friends and the road trip is on! 

Please contact me 3-4 months (or more) in advance to discuss dates and confirm hotel availability and prices. I will certainly do my best to keep the rates similar to those previously advertised for the Jan. 4-15 tour; unfortunately, costs are climbing, especially in the "high season," which is November to April in Cuba.

As well, we may have to use different hotels than the original literature notes, depending on what is available for the dates your group wishes to travel. But, if I am working with a smaller group (12-ish), we may have more flexibility regarding accommodation options.

The revised "Incomparable Cuba" poster is below. For tour agenda details, please scroll down to the post entitled: "Road trip! Let's tour Cuba together..." 

I'm looking forward to another road trip in Cuba!


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