25 Mar 2015

"Speaking of Travel" podcast posted!

Marilyn Ball in the studio.

UPDATE: Marilyn Ball's show with yours truly as a guest is now available on podcast here! And, as she mentioned at the end, Marilyn is going to have me return as a guest, likely in late May or early June. I'll let you know, when the date is set. ~ Jenny


I had a great little interview with Marilyn Ball today, for her radio show, "Speaking of Travel." I referred to it as a "little" show because it's only half an hour long and, believe me, that amount of time passes very quickly when you're chatting with a like-minded travel enthusiast!

We didn't get through all the questions and topics we had intended to touch on but we did cover a lot of ground nonetheless. I hope you will find it both entertaining and educational. Maybe it will fire up your enthusiasm for travel too – particularly to Cuba, and perhaps with me. 

Her website says this: "Travel with Marilyn each Thursday at 3:30 p.m. on Independent Asheville Radio WZGM, V-Radio WSVM and WRGC in Sylva." The site will also give you access to podcasts of her shows. She chats about a lot of interesting topics with a wide variety of people.

I'm sure you'll find the half-hour show slips past your ears very quickly! It passed so fast for us, in fact, that she's invited me to return and continue our conversation on another show in a month or so, which will be especially fun because I will have just returned from my April group trip to Club Amigo Marea del Portillo, where a piece of my heart will always reside.

Here's a link to a topic we touched on in the today's interview… "I chose to walk through an opened door," a post on my original blog, Cubana de Corazón, which has more personal thoughts about Cuba, short stories and poetry, among other things.

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