19 Dec 2014

Even my American cousins can go to Cuba with me! (as always, actually)

Do you recognize the beach below? 
If not, maybe you need to go to Cuba with me!
Gord & I will be there in April but we won't be wearing knitted caps.

Anyone can go to Cuba with me - even Americans! (as always)

It is incredibly heartening to learn that relations between the U.S. and Cuba are finally being relaxed a little! I hope that this will, in the coming years, improve the lives and opportunities of the Cuban people. And, in case you didn't know, U.S. passport holders have always been able to travel with me from Toronto as part of the JennicaCuba trips - and quite a few have already done so.

Do you want to join my "Jennica 2015" group trip to Club Amigo Marea del Portillo, flying from Toronto to Manzanillo de Cuba? You still can! I will be able to add people at the same great price until Feb. 8, as long as there's space!

I will look forward to seeing you whenever, wherever and, hopefully, hanging out with you in Cuba one of these days! Meanwhile….

Feliz Navidad y Año Nuevo!

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