7 Apr 2014

Excellent cuisine & service at Ferlin's

I wrote the following review for TripAdvisor after my Feb. 26, 2014, trip to Marea del Portillo. It's now posted there, along with a couple of photos. If you visit that site, be sure to give me a "helpful" vote!


This is a view of Ferlin's looking from the main road that
runs through the Marea del Portillo village.
When visiting Cuba, it's nice to sample the local cuisine and, while staying at Club Amigo Marea del Portillo and Farallon del Caribe, it's easy to do so! Ferlin's restaurant is located in the village of Marea del Portillo, about 2 km from the resort. You can go by bike, taxi or, for an even more authentic cultural experience, take a horse and buggy ride.

Operated by Ehrlin and Fernando, this little restaurant consistently serves up great food and provides top-notch service at affordable prices. Dining options include lobster, shrimp, fish and other regional entrees – not just seafood, although that's preference! They also have wonderful freshly prepared plantain chips, which I would recommend as a snack or starter for any meal.

Their new fountain was
almost ready for use.
When dining at Ferlin's, you are seated on an open-air patio, covered by a thatched roof, with a good view of the village thoroughfare. It's a great way to absorb some of the local culture without absorbing too much sun! 

Chichi points out the
new fountain at Ferlin's.
They usually have beer and wine available but you are also welcome to bring your own. They also serve other beverages, including water which, in my experience, is perfectly safe to drink here. Both of the owners have worked at the nearby resort for years and understand how to handle food properly, as well as how to serve food appropriately. 

Ferlin's is an increasingly popular eatery, so you may sometimes have to wait for a table. However, there will likely be music to keep you entertained and a craft table to peruse while you wait. 

Every time I visit, they seem to have something new. This time, they were in the process of adding a decorative fountain near the entrance gate. I'll be looking forward to seeing it in action on my next visit!

My pal Alina and I love dining at Ferlin's whenever possible and,
since she's a professional chef, you can be assured that their
food is awesome - especially the shrimp, lobster and stuffed fish.

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