27 Oct 2013

Plan your escape: "Jennica 2014"

Nov. 22, 2013 - UPDATE:

I've just returned from Cuba and am busily preparing for my next group trip to Club Amigo Marea del Portillo, Feb. 26. See the "Jennica 2014" poster for all the basic info, if you want to join us. 

Since I wrote the original post below, I've added a few more people and made some plans for optional group activities. As I mentioned, a baseball game with Cuban kids is in the works. It will take place in the village of Pilón, tentatively on Sunday afternoon, March 2, followed by dinner at the Mirador, a charming Cuban restaurant with a phenomenal view of the ocean and surrounding countryside.

Although I hadn't originally had a theme in mind for this group, one has bubbled forth: art! Several wonderful Muskoka artists have signed up and, during my last trip, a Cuban amigo offered to organize an art tour in Manzanillo. Perfect! I am now in the process of arranging a bus, price and date for this. We will be able to see sculptures and paintings by excellent Cuban artists such as Ramon Cisnero, whom I had the chance to meet when he was exhibiting some of his work in Toronto this summer.

The road trip to Manzanillo will include lunch in that city and a visit to the Celia Sanchez museum in Media Luna (Half Moon - named for the arc of the river running through the city) on the way back to the resort. Celia's an iconic Cuban revolutionary figure who grew up in Media Luna but lived part of her life in Pilón. To say she helped shape Cuban history would be an understatement!

I'm very excited about how this trip is shaping up. This is going to be a great group of people to hang out with and we're going to have an incredibly memorable time.

Come on along!
(original post)

Hello everyone,

Winter's on the doorstep and I'm planning my escape. Want to join me? The poster below will give you the pertinent data. This eclectic group is called "Jennica 2014" and anyone's welcome. So far, we have 16 people signed up, including my hubby and a bunch of kids! 

One of the boys (age 11) is hoping to organize a baseball game with some of the local children. That should be a whole heap of fun and highly memorable - for participants and observers alike! We're already collecting gloves and balls. And, of course, we'll take a pile of bikes too.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions but please note: I'll be away with the 2013 Yoga Posse Oct. 29-Nov. 14, so will not be able to respond to emails until after I return. Meanwhile, please spread the word about this trip by sharing this post.


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