Want to be a  sheepless shepherd?

You can be a bike or suitcase shepherd when you travel with JennicaCuba to Club Amigo Marea del Portillo in the remote Granma province of southern Cuba.
BICYCLES are essential modes of transportation in Cuba. When a family has a bicycle, life is a little easier, especially in rural areas. The roads are quite rough in the area we visit, so sturdy bikes with fat tires (mountain bikes) are best – but they don't need to be new! There are three ways to help with this endeavor.

   1. DONATE a good used bike, preferably a mountain bike for an adult. Bike Guru Gord will tune it up & prepare it for shipping (Algonquin Outfitters provides boxes). 

   2. SPONSOR a bike by paying the $30 shipping fee. Even if you’re not going to Cuba with Jenny, you can support what she's doing by sponsoring a bike.

   3. SHEPHERD a bike while participating in a JennicaCuba trip to Marea del Portillo. As a “bike shepherd” you treat the box o’ bike as part of your own luggage, checking in with it & shepherding it through the airport. (Don't worry, there are luggage carts & people to help!) While at the resort, shepherds can use the bikes until they're delivered to their new homes. 

All bikes & bike-related supplies are completely free to those who receive them. No Cubans ever pay Jenny anything for these gifts.

SUITCASES: You can also be a "suitcase shepherd" & help transport clothing, toiletries or other necessities to Cuba. It is very difficult for people in remote, rural regions to get such items and they can be expensive, so Jenny and her friends give clothing, shoes, etc. free of charge to families they know who do not normally have contact with tourists.

Please let Jenny know if you want to take an extra suitcase. Sunwing changed their regulations re checked luggage in November 2015 and Jenny will be happy to walk you through the process and assist in distribution to families in rural areas, if you wish.

Sunwing currently charges $30 CAD for shipping a bike and about $35 for an extra suitcase that weighs up to 50 lbs.