29 Dec 2012

We're booking now ~ feliz año nuevo!

The happy chaos of Christmas has barely subsided and New Year's Eve festivities are being planned.

Plans are progressing with the April 4 Zumba trip. I now have six confirmed and two more who just need to do the paperwork and send me the money, honey.

So far, there are two couples (including my hubby and me), a mother and her teen-aged daughter and, pending paperwork, two single women who know each other but haven't seen each other in years and don't know they will be going to Cuba together! Isn't this fun?!

I can tell already that this is going to be a great group to hang out with! Don't wait too long, if you're considering joining us - the deadline is Jan. 31 and it will not be extended. Please see the previous post for all necessary details.

Until next year, happy holidays!


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  1. We're up to 10 in the group now, and we're only a few days into 2013 – woohoo! This is going to be another great trip with a fun bunch of folks, some "repeaters" and some Marea newbies.


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